Finding the Right Bathroom Cleaner

Bathrooms have a multitude of different surfaces, so when it comes to cleaning them, it can feel overwhelming. Each surface requires a different type of care. If you have a cabinet drawer full of cleaning products, you’re not alone, but there is a product that can clean most surfaces.


How to Find the Right Bathroom Cleaner


Because your bathroom contains a wide variety of surfaces, including granite, tile, and stainless steel, finding a product that can clean all of them may be daunting. Homeline Coatings has you covered. Our Swift Maintenance & Cleaner is a versatile surface cleaner That can replace all your everyday cleaners. This cleaner can clean your surface thoroughly and help maintain your surface’s high-gloss finish.


Our Swift Maintenance Spray is safe for granite, stone, quartz, other solid surfaces, marble, tile, and stainless steel. This spray can put a shine on any surface with just a few mists and a little elbow grease. It can also even be sprayed on your glass shower doors and windows.


Once you have cleaned your surface, it is still important to make sure it is properly protected and sealed against everyday wear and tear. Our Ceramic Spray Coating can instantly seal and protect your bathroom surfaces. One application will leave a super slick ceramic finish that will help protect your surfaces from scratching, grime buildup, staining, and water spots.


Homeline Coatings’ products are designed to give you lasting protection. One application of our ceramic spray coating can give up to six months of protection, depending on usage and maintenance. If you need more protection, you can apply multiple layers.


However, the best part about these products is not their ability to clean almost all of your home services. The best part is that they are non-toxic and safe to use on all surfaces, including those that come in contact with kids and pets. Keep your home clean and your mind at ease with Homeline Coatings’ products.