How Big Does Your Kitchen Need to Be?

Over the years, the size of the American kitchen has increased alongside the size of the American home. However, kitchen size is more of an indication of affluence than strict design norms. For example, if you have a bigger space, your kitchen is naturally bigger. Locational norms can also affect kitchen size, with northeastern kitchens being smaller than southwestern kitchens. With all that said, how big does your kitchen need to be?


How big does your kitchen need to be?


When it comes to kitchen size, you must take your home size into consideration. With all homes considered, the average home size in the US is about 1500 ft.². Being said, the average size of a newly built home is 2600 ft.², which is over 1000 ft.² of a difference. This means there is a reasonably large variation between kitchen sizes.


The average kitchen in the US is about 161 ft.² for a one-level home, and it is hundred and 74 ft.² and a multi-level home. For a home under 1500 ft.², the average kitchen is a hundred square feet. In larger homes, the average becomes 238 ft.².


If you buy an existing home, your kitchen will be proportional to the home’s overall footprint. For example, if you want a larger kitchen, you will probably have to buy a larger house. However, if you can build your own home, deciding how big your kitchen should be is based on what you plan to do inside it. If you want a kitchen that can entertain guests for holidays and have ample cooking space, you may want to plan for a larger kitchen. If you are not much of a chef and you do not want all of your space taken up by your kitchen, you may design a smaller one.


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