How You Should Use Your Kitchen Island

Over the years, kitchen islands have become a common staple in a household. Most kitchens and custom homes either already have an island or have plenty of space to add an island to the layout. There are many ways to utilize the additional space afforded by a kitchen island. Here are three ways you can utilize your kitchen island.


3 Ways to Use Your Kitchen Island


  1. Extra storage. First, one of the most common ways a kitchen island can be utilized is for extra space. Building cabinets or shelves inside your kitchen island can help add more storage to your kitchen design. When planning this, however, it is important to consider what you will store in your kitchen island to make sure there is enough space to do so.
  2. Additional prep space. Next, food prep can be challenging, but it can be even more of a challenge when there is not enough counter space available. A kitchen island can offer extra counter space to make food prep much easier. You can also customize your kitchen island to have an extra sink, stovetop, or a butcher block built in.
  3. Serving table. Finally, if you love to entertain, your kitchen island can be a place where everyone can access the food. Situated in the middle of your kitchen, it is an easy spot where people can get around and serve themselves without incident or crowding.


Whether you use your kitchen island as an extra prep counter or keep frequently used small appliances on it, it’s important to keep your kitchen counter and your appliances protected. Homeline Coatings makes a quality ceramic coating spray that can help protect your appliances and surfaces for years to come.