Three Lesser-Known Appliances You NEED in Your Kitchen

When it comes to stocking your kitchen, there are some obvious appliances that most people have. Those appliances include a coffee maker, a blender, and an electric kettle, but there are many more appliances that can make your life much easier. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the number of kitchen appliances you can invest in, but here are three lesser-known appliances you must have in your kitchen.


THREE Lesser-known appliances you NEED in your kitchen


  1. A food processor. First, my hands-down favorite appliance in my kitchen is my food processor. It may be tempting to skip this item because it’s similar to a blender, but they are very different. For example, a food processor can process things that are much more difficult for a blender, such as peanuts and almonds. It can also do the job of your blender and make big batches of smoothies as well.
  2. Electric grill. Next, an electric grill is another appliance that should earn a spot inside your kitchen. This item makes quick dinners ten times easier and even makes barbecue a possibility in the winter or on rainy days. An electric grill can also turn a simple breakfast or lunch into a full gourmet meal.
  3. Immersion blender. Finally, an immersion blender is one of the least known items but one that can absolutely transform the way you prepare dinner. An immersion blender is a must-have if you like making soups, stews, and chili. Before investing in an immersion blender, you may have had to manually smash or blend your ingredients to make a smooth soup, but with it, it makes the process go so much faster.


The right kitchen appliances can make your culinary adventures much easier, and some appliances can completely transform how you utilize your kitchen. Three of these items are the food processor, the electric grill, and the immersion blender. It’s also important to keep your kitchen clean, and if you’re looking for a quality set of cleaning products for your kitchen, Homeline Coatings has the perfect line of products for you.