What DIY Projects Should You Do For Your Kitchen?

If you are planning a kitchen remodel, you may be interested in what items you can do on your own and which you will need a contractor for. You can do many parts of a kitchen remodel on your own, and you should factor these things in when planning the remodel. Here are three DIY projects you should do for your kitchen.


What DIY projects should you do for your kitchen?


  1. Add a wall-mounted spice rack. First, I don’t know about you, but I add a lot of spices to my dishes. It can get frustrating looking through the spice cabinet for one particular spice all the time. With a spice rack, you can more easily see all of your spices at one glance, and they don’t even take up extra cabinet space.
  2. Install a tile backsplash. Next, tile backsplashes do more than add an aesthetic charm to your space. Tile backsplashes can save your walls from grease and water stains. They also add to the style and personality of your place. Even if you use all subway tiles, you can create hundreds of designs on your wall.
  3. Put in under-cabinet lighting. Finally, if you need a little extra light or some task lighting for food prep and cleanup, you can add under-cabinet lighting. This is a super simple product you can do yourself, and it can completely transform your kitchen. Under-cabinet lighting can be LEDs or strip lights, but no matter what you choose, these lights add style and sophistication to your kitchen.


A kitchen DIY is a chance to turn your existing kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams. It also allows you to clean your kitchen from top to bottom and coat all your appliances with a quality coating. Homeline Coatings has a full line of products to keep your kitchen looking sparkling clean even after your DIY makeover.