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Homeline Coatings™ Ceramic Protectant Spray

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Homeowners love it

"Saw this on facebook multiple times & decided to give it a try. Needless to say, this stuff is amazing! Water beads up and runs right off my shower glass and stainless steel fridge. No water spots or streaking like normal. Highly recommend!"

Sammy, L.

"Received mine within 4 days after ordering and immediately applied it to my sink and stainless steel appliances. It is crazy how much shine it gives them & how clean it keeps them. I've been getting all of my friends on board."

Danielle T.

Keep granite clean

Homeline Ceramic Coating gives granite countertops a mirror look & makes messes easy to clean up with its slick finish. It will also give ultra-hydrophobic properties as seen in the image above, minimizing water spots & stains.


Apply Homeline Ceramic to your Stainless-Steel appliances! Protect from staining, mineral build-up, & sticking of foods. Homeline Ceramic makes it extremely easy to clean & wipe down with its slick finish. Think ceramic pans but your sink instead!

keep glass spotless

Have a glass shower or windows that are prone to water spots & streaking? Apply Homeline Ceramic & watch the water run right off! This is perfect for easily keeping any glass surface spot-free & clean.


Tile | Granite | Glass | Metal | Quartz | Stainless-Steel | Marble | Onyx | Acrylic | Brass-Chrome | + More

Primer NOT required but can maximize results.




Home Ceramic Spray uses proprietary SiO2 ceramic technology that instantly conceals light scratching and swirl marks, all while preventing these in the future.

After application, a process is undergone leaving a super-slick ceramic like shell that additionally protects your subject from elements such as acids, grime, & water spots. It also adds hydrophobic properties, gloss, and is quick & easy to apply for anyone!

DO NOT use aggressive all purpose cleaners after applying. This will strip the coating from the surface. Our Swift Maintenance Spray is a great replacement & is a daily cleaner formulated to thoroughly clean the surface & boost the benefits of Homeline Ceramic all at the same time.

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FREE Microfiber Towel included

We're throwing in a FREE Homeline Microfiber Towel with your order. Perfect for wiping/buffing your Homeline Ceramic after applying.