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Home Ceramic Protectant + FREE 4oz Primer Bundle - Cyber Monday Sale
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Take advantage of this Extended Cyber Monday Sale, with our Home Ceramic Spray Protectant + Free 4oz Primer Prep Spray!

Why homeline coatings?

Water Repellent

Homeline Ceramic Spray Protectant has Ultra-Hydrophobic properties. This is perfect for granite and other kitchen and bathroom counter tops, as water will not stick as easily. It also reduces hard-to-remove Stains & Streaks!


Protect stainless steel

Apply our Homeline Ceramic Spray Protectant to your stainless-steel appliances! Protect from staining, mineral build-up, & fingerprints! Our Home Ceramic makes surfaces easier to clean & wipe down with it's slick finish.



Do you have a glass shower, or bathroom mirror that is prone to water spots & streaking? Apply our Home Ceramic Protectant & watch the water run right off! This will help keep any glass surface spot-free & cleaner, longer.


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