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Homeline Coatings Ceramic Spray is a water based product composed of a proprietary Silicon Dioxide blend. The percent of hydrophobic silica and all other ingredients are deemed non-to xic and are recognized as safe by the FDA!

The majority of our coating is water based with a small amount of proprietary hydrophobic ingredients composed mostly of SI02

Sprayers may arrive in the locked position. To unlock, press the button located above the neck of the bottle until it clicks. Moderate pressure may need to be applied to release the lock. It may also take several sprays before the ceramic is syphoned up through the interior tube.

No. Homeline Coating's Home Ceramic Spray is a protectant, not a cleaner. It helps keep surfaces cleaner longer with less maintenance. For decontaminating the surface prior to the coating process, we highly recommend our Primer / Pre-Treatment Prep Spray. Our Swift Maintenance Spray IS in fact a cleaner that will also help maintain the gloss and water repellent properties of your coating.


Frequently asked customer questions around when and how to use our products.

There are a number of surfaces and materials that Homeline Coating’s Ceramic spray can be applied to, but the most common are: Granite, glass, tile, stainless steel, marble, quartz, copper, sealed wood, chrome, linoleum, slate, porcelain, and nickel. It can also help seal grout!

To get the most protection and durability out of Homeline Ceramic Coating it is important to make sure the surface is as clean as possible. You can use any household cleaner but it is highly recommended to utilize Homeline Coating’s Primer Prep Spray because it not only cleans the surface thoroughly but also has adhesion properties that ensure a more durable bond between the surface and the coating. 

Homeline Ceramic Coating is exceptionally durable, however, harsh chemicals and cleaners can deteriorate the coating faster. For the longest results, it is highly recommended to utilize Homeline’s Swift Maintenance Spray for sustained gloss, hydrophobic effectiveness and overall durability. Overall, Swift Maintenance Spray is the best way to maintain your surfaces without harming the base layer of your coating.

The coating can be removed anytime with isopropyl alcohol or buffing with your Primer Prep Spray.

The coating longevity will vary depending on the prep, and proper maintenance after application. Other factors, such as, usage of each surface and quality of the surface will determine how long the coating will last before reapplication. That being said, Clients should see results that last up to 4-6 months and can be reapplied as frequently as wanted. 

If it seems like the surface is losing the coating properties like water beading and or gloss, it is more than likely only due to the overall usage of the surface and its contaminant build up. Simply clean the coated surface with a mild soap and water or the highly recommended Swift Maintenance Spray. Then you can simply re-apply the ceramic spray coating as needed!

Although Homeline Coating’s ingredients are deemed safe, we do not recommend spraying on pots, pans, dishes, glassware or any utensils. We also do not recommend coating interior bathtubs, shower floors or any floors surfaces in general as this coating is extremely slick and slippery. Also, be conscious of overspray when applying to surfaces. 

This coating can be applied to almost any surface, but since wood is porous, you will not be able to see a significant benefit as you would with other hard surfaces.

Yes, Homeine Ceramic coating is perfect for glass shower doors, mirrors, windows and other glass accents.  The coating bonds to glass surfaces to reduce water spotting and streaking.

Although there are many DIY ceramic coatings on the market for vehicles, this proprietary coating is geared towards the installations of home surfaces and appliances only.

Yes, this coating can be applied to electronic screens and even watch cases, but Homeline Coatings LLC does not warrant against electronic malfunctions.

You can use this ceramic coating on stoves and stove tops, but with high heat temperatures the ceramic coating will wear down faster. We would recommend not spraying directly onto gas burners but the coating is great for drip pans and grease trays!

Our Primer Prep spray is not necessary before applying Homeline Ceramic coating but it is HIGHLY recommended because our Primer prep spray not only decontaminates the surface but also has adhesion promoting properties that ensure a stronger bond for the ceramic coating application.

Ultimately, you want to avoid using heavy duty cleaners or degreasers when you are cleaning your surfaces. These can greatly diminish or even strip the coating completely if used often. Our Swift Maintenance spray is not necessary but it is HIGHLY recommended because using the spray regularly will prolong the life of your coating. This maintenance spray acts as a sacrificial layer of protection on the coating that will also clean the coating itself.


Frequently asked customer questions about shipping, manufacturing and returns.

We are proud to say that Homeline Coatings is manufactured in the USA. Our fulfillment and support team is located in Denver, Colorado.

We offer 4 day shipping through USPS, but with factors such as weather delays, holidays and weekends, clients should receive their package no later than 7 business days.

After your purchase you will be sent a USPS tracking number, which you can simply search for online, or click here. to enter your tracking number.

Route is a shipping insurance company that covers packages that are lost, stolen, or damaged in transit. Route ensures that customers get what they paid for, and allows for easy reordering with one simple click. If you had an issue with your oder, and it was covered by Route insurance, you can click here to make a claim.

If your package arrived damaged and you purchased the Route Protection Insurance, you can simply make a claim here to either refund your order or have a new one shipped out.

If your package arrived damaged and you did not purchase insurance, you can email our support team at with attached pictures of how the oder arrived and we will discuss your next options.